Greensboro News and Record

Greensboro News and Record

Allen Johnson, the Greensboro News and Record’s editorial page editor, likes the idea of a community-owned cooperative grocery store on Phillips Ave! He wrote following blog post after attending the Citizens for Economic and Environmental Justice meeting where three redevelopment proposals for the Bessemer Center were heard:

Just attended a good meeting of the northeast Greensboro advocacy group, Citizens for Economic and Environmental Justice. …

Most impressive has been the idea for a grocery coop in the northeast, which has tried in vain for 15 years to attract a “brand-name” chain grocery store.

Even the coop would be an uphill battle but I’m intrigued by the concept, which would place less emphasis on making profits and would stress community ownership and empowerment. …

But the coop piece makes sense and invites community support and participation. It could even be melded into one of the other proposals.

Read his full blog post here.

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