We are disappointed that five City Council members decided to give the Renaissance Center and $1.5 million to private investors. Four council members supported our vision of a successful coop grocery store anchoring a vibrant city-owned shopping center – a center that would eventually be purchased by the community.

The RCC makes decisions as a community. This commitment to authentic democracy takes time. We’ll decide our next steps in the coming days, and the Greensboro public will be invited to join us in our effort to build the healthy, safe, and prosperous community we dream of living in.

Thank you for your support!

The RCC Steering Committee wishes to thank each and every person who supported us at the June 4 City Council meeting and the long road leading up to it. Whether you passed out a flyer, called a Council member, did research on grocery options, simply kept yourself informed, or stood up in support of the Coop at the Council meeting, you have made a big difference. Thank you for sticking with us in this struggle. We are humbled by the love and faith you give to us. Although the City Council did not vote to support our vision of a community-owned shopping center, we will not give up our dream of a healthy, safe and prosperous community.

We have our next meeting on June 17 at the Presbyterian Church of the Cross. We hope to see you at 7pm!

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