Download the Renaissance Community Coop's August 2013 ROOTSTOCK Newsletter!

The first issue of our printed newsletter, ROOTSTOCK, is out!

We’re thrilled to have our first printed newsletter available to our community and across the city!

The name, ROOTSTOCK, comes from the world of gardening and farming. It refers to a plant, sometimes just a stump, which already has an established, healthy root system, onto which a cutting or a bud from another plant is grafted.

We know our community is already blessed with strong roots. Now we want to add a strong coop grocery store to it, and build our communities long-term wealth!

This issue features a message from our board President, Leo Steward, a wonderful summer recipe from coop member Hazel Jones, updates on our efforts and more!

You can read the newsletter online below or download a PDF by clicking here. Printed copies are available in different places throughout the community and will be at the Monday, August 18th meeting!

We want to thank the newsletter committee for getting the first issue put together! The folks that worked on this are Sadie Blue, Ann Davies, Juan Miranda, and Maddie Reed.



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