The meeting was called to order by the president Mr. Leo Stewart at 7:15 pm. There was a total of 27 people in attendance.

  1. Welcome the welcome was given by the president immediately after the meeting was called to order.
  2. Minutes there were no minutes available because the secretary was absent.
  3. Treasurer’s Report was presented by the president (Leo Stewart) in the absence of Louis Beveridge the acting treasurer. Mr. Stewart reported that there was currently $3207.64 in the RCC account.
  4. Updates:
    • RCC Staff Position: Alexandria Jones from F4DC has been working with Louis Beveridge to create a job description for the Membership/Outreach Coordinator that the RCC plans to hire. Because of Louis’s injury they haven’t completed the description, but Alex committed to having a completed job description available at the next community meeting. She shared a brief overview of the tasks and responsibilities that the job entailed and invited anyone with an interest or who knows someone that may be interested to contact the RCC via Facebook, the RCC website or by telephone.
    • Grants: Sadie Blue reported on the two grants the RCC gas applied for. One of the grants is with Building Stronger Neighborhoods and was applied for in conjunction with the Textile Community Neighborhood Association, which is located in northeast Greensboro. The amount of that grant request is $3500 and the RCC will be notified in November if they are awarded the grant. The second grant request was made to the Food Cooperative Initiative for the amount of $10,000. The notification for this grant request should happen any day.
    • Louis’s recovery was reported on by Sohnie Black. She reported that he is recovering well and is due to return to Greensboro on the weekend of the 25th.
  5. Membership Report and Appeal was given by Sadie Blue. She reported that there are currently 47 members of record. She encouraged those that have joined and are paying in installments to stay current .She also made a compelling appeal for new members to join.
  6. Interactive Group Activity: Tony Davies presented an introduction of the activity. The activity consisted of everyone having a card with a scenario, situation or activity listed on it. The following three categories were listed on t he wall: Board Policies, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. By turn, each person would read their card aloud and state which category they thought it belonged in and why. Regardless of whether the answer was correct or not, an explanation was given about which category it belonged in and why. Many of the participants expressed how informative and enjoyable the activity was.
  7. RCC Status Update was given by Ann Davies with the following details:
    • the RCC is awaiting a final decision from council regarding ownership of the shopping center;
    • the 1st issue of the RCC newsletter titled “Rootstock” was published and circulated during the first week of September;
    • the Membership/Outreach Coordinator position should be filed soon.
  8. Announcements:
    • Community Meeting at The Bessemer Center on Monday, August 26;
    • RCC Youth Showcase on September 22nd at 2pm, at Peeler Center;
    • Next RCC Community meeting on September 16th, at Presbyterian Church of the Cross at 7pm.
  9. The meeting was bought to a close by the president Leo.

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