Remarks by Ed Whitfield at the RCC Ownership Drive Launch Party, April 5, 2014

Hello, I’m Ed Whitfield with F4DC. We are working as advisers to the RCC Coop project. I want to talk a little about doubt.

How should we deal with doubt? Some folks doubt that we can organize a successful store here in this community. Some doubt that we can find the money we need. Some doubt that we know what we are doing. Some doubt that we can find the expertise that we need. Some doubt that we can get enough members/owners to be taken seriously. Some doubt that we can work together and put away infighting long enough to get done the things we need to do.

Some people won’t believe it until after they are inside the beautiful new store…shopping.

But then there are others who can see now things that aren’t there yet. They can envision a store that will make everyone in this community proud. They see the kind of store you want to go to because it is so pretty inside, and it smells good, and all the people are welcoming, smiling at you, being helpful, every chance they get.

It us only human to have some doubts and fears, but don’t doubt this: If there is a way to build a successful, profitable business selling food to people in Northeast Greensboro, then we can figure it out. We can build it ourselves, and keep the jobs and the profit in the neighborhood.

If you have doubts, that is ok. But we need you to have that vision. There were those who doubted that we could stop the landfill from reopening. The people of Northeast Greensboro showed them otherwise.

Have faith that we can do for ourselves what needs to be done. Have faith that we can set an example for young people — an example of new possibilities and hope.

Join the Coop now. We’re not making excuses. We are making history!

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