Sharon Thompson, Claremont Courts Resident

Why did you join the Renaissance Community Coop?

I joined the RCC because it was the first time our community realized that rather than asking for things to be done for us, we could take things into our own hands. We have sought help from professionals and folks in other communities but we really have had a chance to demonstrate our own leadership in this process.

What message do you have for people who are thinking about joining?

Do it. And remember that joining means you are taking part in the ownership of the store. You will be needed to come in and do work to help build the co-op. Think of the skills and gifts that you can bring and apply them with those of us who are already involved.

What does this mean for the future of the community?

My children and grandchildren will have a concrete example of what we can do when we pool our resources together. It’s not an imaginary concept or a wild dream. The store will be real and the profits shared in the community. They will think of their own projects that can benefit East Greensboro and help to grow our part of the city.

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