We’re excited to share with you the first part of a new video series about the development of our cooperative grocery store! The video below, titled “The Problem We Face”, discusses the food access issues Northeast Greensboro has faced for over 16 years. As a community we are working hard to build our own grocery store, cooperatively owned, that will meet these needs and provide good paying jobs.

In the next few weeks we’ll be releasing more parts to this video series that describe how this cooperative will help solve these problems and how everyone has a role to play in making it a success. Please consider becoming an Owner of the RCC today!

View Part 2: The Cooperative Solution & Part 3: We All Have a Role to Play.

p.s. We know this video is sort of a downer, but so are the problems we face! Stay tuned for more and see how this exciting cooperative project has the potential to improve our neighborhood. If you need a quick pick-me-up, check out our commercial, “We Want A Co-op!” here!


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