The RCC is sponsoring a winter food drive with our friends at Second Harvest Food Bank. They invited us to write a guest blog post on their site. See below for the article our board member Casey Thomas wrote!

Food insecurity is a problem that will require multiple strategies to solve. People who want to make sure that we can all eat need to support each other’s efforts to get the job done. From a food bank and its local partners to a community-owned grocery store, we can work together to address these very real issues.

This is why Greensboro’s Renaissance Community Cooperative (RCC) and Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC are partnering for the RCC’s first food drive! Buy non-perishable goods at the RCC (2517 Phillips Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27405) and donate them in-store to Second Harvest.

The Renaissance Community Co-op is a community-owned grocery store that residents of northeast Greensboro created along with friends and allies from across the city, state and country- with technical assistance from The Fund for Democratic Communities. Second Harvest is Northwest NC’s food bank, providing food to over 450 food assistance programs spanning 18 counties, including the Phillips Avenue area where the RCC is located.

Read the entire piece at the Second Harvest Food Bank’s blog.

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