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On Nov. 5, 2016 the Renaissance Community Co-op officially opened in northeast Greensboro. Read about Roody Volcy's and Jada Dunn's experience and excitement about the store.

Read about Roody Volcy’s and Jada Dunn’s experience and excitement about the RCC.

In 1998, the Winn-Dixie grocery store closed its doors for the final time at its 2517 Phillips Avenue location. The shopping plaza it stood in lost other tenants and eventually fell into disrepair. So began the food desert in northeast Greensboro that lasted nearly 20 years.

Today, in that exact same location stands a brand new grocery store – one that would fit anywhere in Greensboro – thanks to community leaders and neighbors. The 10,500 square foot, community-owned Renaissance Community Co-op is now providing good jobs, healthy living options and wealth for residents.

This didn’t happen though without a lot of work from the community. Not long ago, a young Haitian immigrant named Roodline Volcy was involved with the Fund for Democratic Communities and began hearing talk about a project to bring a cooperative grocery store to her neighborhood.

Read the entire piece at the Made In Greensboro website.

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