Board Elections 2018:


Roodline Volcy 

Roodline (Roody) was born in Haiti and emigrated to Naples, Florida to join her family as a young child. She attended Salem College in North Carolina where she studied International Relations and Race & Ethnicity Studies. Currently, Roody is the Events Coordinator at the Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI). Roody’s passion for economic democracy is represented in most all of her work. She has been a member of the Renaissance Community Co-op since 2015 and worked to spread the message of RCC and gain owners and supporters from the beginning phases. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and playing with her dogs Watson, Keeley and her new rescue Luna.


Eleanor Graves 

Eleanor has lived one block away from the Renaissance Shopping Center for more than 30 years. She purchased her home in Greensboro because it was within walking distance of a grocery store that subsequently closed in 1998. That store closing caused her neighborhood to become a food desert.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Guilford College and a Master’s in Global Management from the University of Phoenix. She’s retired from Lucent Technologies as a Project Manager and from the US Postal Service. Eleanor has been a member of the Co-op since 2013 and she strongly believes that affordable, healthy food should be easily available to everyone. She is very excited about the work that has already been done to bring a grocery store back to her neighborhood and enjoys walking to the store again.


Voting will be available shortly.