Northeast Greensboro residents deserve a high quality grocery store that serves their needs for good food at an affordable price and dignified jobs that pay a living wage.

Together, neighbors from the community, as well as supporters from across Greensboro, are building their very own cooperatively owned grocery store – the Renaissance Community Coop!

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We want a store that sells real food, is within walking distance for many neighborhood residents, returns surplus money to the community, and contributes to the health and wealth of our community.

Join the Renaissance Community Coop

Remember, anyone can shop at the Renaissance Community coop, whether you are an Owner or not! And anyone can become an owner – even if you don’t live in the immediate community around the store!

Click here to become a full Owner today with a one-time payment of $100. If you are interested in using our installment plan to purchase your Ownership, please click here.

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