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I just watched an amazing video from the Renaissance Community Coop.

The Renaissance Community Coop (RCC) is a community-owned grocery store that will be located in Northeast Greensboro. This area is a food desert and has been without a quality grocery store for many years. Residents of the neighborhood decided to solve this problem for themselves and began organizing a grocery store owned by themselves! The RCC is moving forward, working with experts in the grocery industry and organizations skilled in cooperative business development.

They just released a new promotional video titled “WE WANT A COOP!” and it’s really powerful!

Please take a couple of minutes to watch this video and help me share it. After you’ve watched it, consider becoming an Owner of the RCC yourself! It’s really easy. Each ownership share costs $100 per household. It’s a lifetime share – there’s no renewal needed! You can either pay the full $100 all at once, or sign up for the easy installment plan. This plan let’s you put $20 down and then pay $10 per month for the next eight months. There’s no extra fee associated with the installment plan.

Visit the RCC website to learn more and become an owner today:

I hope you’ll join me in supporting this important project!

In cooperation,
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